Top 5 Instagram Auto Liker Tools
(Free & Paid)

Instagram Auto Liker

Looking for an Instagram auto liker tool you can use to grow your profile organically?

This article lists out the 5 best auto likers available for Instagram.

Let’s dive right in.  

What is an Instagram Auto Liker?

An auto liker tool helps you show other Instagram users that you appreciate their content. These bots work by automatically liking other people’s posts even if you don’t see them yourself. Instead of spending loads of time scrolling their feeds, avid social media users use auto likers to save time while maintaining good relationships with other Instagram users. 

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using an Instagram Auto Liker?

The benefits of using an Instagram auto liker include:

  • Can help other users notice your profile
  • Encourages more people to like your content
  • Your Instagram connections appreciate your likes


However, there are negatives too, including:

  • You don’t establish a genuine connection with your followers
  • You may have to pay for an auto-liker tool
  • Your Instagram account could be flagged for bot activity if you don’t use a proxy server

What are the 5 Best Instagram Auto Liker Tools?

Now that we’ve gone over exactly what these tools do, let’s talk about the best ones available online in 2021. 

Inflact (formerly is an Instagram automation tool that can provide organic growth to your account with several different services. Its “Promo” module includes automated follows/unfollows, automated likes, analytics instruments, user targeting, and a personal manager for your account. If you choose to use all of Inflact’s features, you can also unlock direct messaging automation, Instagram post scheduling, and a whole range of social media tools. 

Pricing: $57/month is a website where you can purchase authentic likes, follows, and auto likes for Instagram. The best part about this service is the number of different packages that are available. Depending on your budget, you can spend as little or as much as you want—higher packages will also get bigger discounts. I would recommend starting out with a small package, seeing you if you like the service, and buying more later if you do. 

Pricing: Varies

Socialboost is an Instagram marketing agency that will take care of tasks like auto liking posts, following relevant accounts, and growing your profile organically. The difference with Socialboost is the human edge. Instead of relying on bots and automation, Socialboost employs a professional in-house team to work on your Instagram account. If you want a group of trained experts to boost your presence online, this is the way to go. 

Pricing: $59/month – $249/month

Kicksta uses artificial intelligence to boost your organic growth on Instagram. As a favored tool for marketing agencies and influencers, Kicksta has built an impressive portfolio of case studies that prove its value proposition. With a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with trying out this tool.  

Pricing: $49/month – $99/month

PhantomBuster is automation software that helps users do all sorts of work, including Instagram auto liking, Instagram auto-following, and LinkedIn profile scraping. Luckily, you can get started using PhantomBuster for free (without entering any credit card information) for a 14-day trial. Test out the Instagram auto liker and leave a comment below if you liked it!

Pricing: Free for 14 Days

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Concluding Thoughts

Well, there you have it! A list of the best Instagram auto liker tools available online. Out of the 20+ tools we researched, we found that these 5 were the only ones worth your time and money. If you don’t want to spend anything right now, you can always use PhantomBuster’s free tool for 2 weeks and go from there. 

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