25 TikTok Profile Picture Ideas
to Gain More Followers

TikTok PFP

If you’re looking to change or set up your TikTok PFP and you need some inspiration, this article is perfect for you. 

We’re going to go over 25 interesting profile picture ideas (and some extras at the end) that just might get you more TikTok followers. 

Let’s dive right in. 

What is a TikTok PFP?

A TikTok PFP, or profile picture, is the image that shows up at the top of any user’s profile. The difference between TikTok and other social media platforms like Instagram is how you can set two different things for your PFP. 

First, you can choose a static image as your profile pic. This shows up on the right side of any TikTok you make, above the likes and comments. 

Static Profile Pic

Additionally, you can select a video that shows up if anyone clicks on your TikTok profile. This effectively replaces your static PFP too.

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TikTok PFP Ideas and Inspiration

Now that you know what a TikTok PFP is and how to set it up, let’s go over some interesting and cool ideas for your profile pic. 

1. Capture The Mood of Your Videos

If the content you post on TikTok is directed at a target audience (and it should be), you should make your PFP reflect the overall mood/tone of your videos.

Take this user for example. 

Moody PFP

Her videos give off a somber, almost scary vibe and are typically filmed in dark locations. And her profile picture captures this essence perfectly.

2. Cuteness Overload

If you are a proud user of the #DogsofTikTok hashtag, this is a great idea for you. 


This TikToker has a dog riding a baby piglet in the PFP! It’s cute, funny, and very suiting for this account.

3. Invisible Profile Picture

Did you know it’s actually possible to turn your PFP completely invisible? This is an interesting way to differentiate your account from millions of other users, and it looks really cool too!

Simply follow this YouTube tutorial to get this for your account now. 

4. Transparent PFP

Using a transparent PFP is a great way to highlight your face or upper half if that’s what you want to use.

If you want to remove the background and turn a picture transparent, simply choose a picture you like and head to Canva

Upload the image and click “Edit Image”. You will see an option to remove the background with a single click.

canva background remover

5. Crown on Your PFP

Thanks to a new feature that was recently added to TikTok, you can now put a crown on your profile picture as a decorative element.

TikTok Crown

20+ More TikTok PFP Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest contains tons of boards with more ideas and inspirations for your TikTok profile pic. Here is an example of a creative board with variations of the default PFP. 

tiktok pfp pinterest board

Want more ideas? Check out the board shown above here

You should also look through a selection of boards to find more profile pics you might like. Have fun exploring!

Do you have more ideas for PFP’s? Leave a comment below so we can all find it!

25 Ideas to Replace Your TikTok PFP

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