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TikTok Creator Marketplace

Released back in 2019, the TikTok creator marketplace was created to help brands find influencers for campaign collaboration ideas. More recently, TikTok came out with a dedicated Creator Marketplace API to help influencer agencies integrate TikTok’s listings onto their websites. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the creator marketplace in depth; How do you use it? Who is it for? Why is it important? But before we get into that, let’s go over the biggest question first. 

TikTok Creator Marketplace

So what exactly is it? According to the official TikTok website, the Creator Marketplace is “the official platform for brand and creator collaborations on TikTok”.

This is where TikTok’s business end truly shines. By allowing businesses and brands to easily find influencers to collaborate with, TikTok content creators can effectively monetize their videos without too much hassle. 

Let’s say you are working as a marketing representative for a brand and you’re looking for influencers to collaborate with. What are the steps you would take in order to find viral influencers on TikTok


How to Find Creators for Collaborations

If you are looking to partner with TikTok creators to promote your brand, here are the steps to find the best influencers. 

Step 1. Sign Up for an Ad Manager Account

First, head to the TikTok Creator Marketplace and click on “Find now”. Go ahead and sign up for an ad manager account (if you don’t have one already).

Fill out the form that looks like this.

tiktok creator marketplace

Step 2. Verify Your Business

If you want to create a campaign and reach out to influencers, you first have to verify your business identity. You will be opted to verify your business and then sent to this page.

Once again, fill out the form to continue. 

Step 3. Discover New Influencers

Once you have successfully verified your business, feel free to check out the “Discovery” page. This page allows you to filter influencers by engagement, growth, and brand-friendliness.

tiktok creator marketplace discovery page

Step 4. Search for Influencers

Next, check out the “Creator Search” page. Here, you can directly look up TikTok creators that you know or filter them by location, audience demographics, views, and followers.

tiktok creator marketplace creator search

Step 5. Create a Campaign

Once you have a good list of influencers you want to reach out to, click on “Create campaign” in the upper right corner. Follow the steps that TikTok provides and start collaborating with your ideal partners.

What if you are a creator?

So let’s say you are a TikTok creator and you want to partner with brands. If this is the case, you will either have to get a direct invitation to apply from TikTok via direct messages (in-app). There is no creator-facing version of the TikTok Creator Marketplace. Here is what the official TikTok platform has to say about this topic.

TikTok statement

How Do You Become a Paid TikTok Creator?

In order to become a paid creator and get partnerships with brands, you have to build up your influence first. Once you fulfill the minimum following, location, and engagement requirements, TikTok’s algorithm will find you and send you an invitation. 

Here is an example of a creator with about 155k followers who received an invitation to become a paid creator. He documented the process through Twitter. 

Since there is no creator-facing version of the creator marketplace, you will have to patiently wait for an invitation to apply as of now. Of course, this invitation will not come unless you work on optimizing your videos for viral attention. 

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