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Meet the Brains Behind CCI

If your dream is to build a successful living from your social presence, you struck gold.

Ever since I was young, my dream job was being a celebrity influencer. After years of work in the media, SaaS, and content industry, I learned that to become a sustainable influencer you have to do more than focus on fame.

OK OK, I know that just because I went to Vegas and left with 1,000,000 views—without any stupid stuff—doesn’t mean I can magically turn you into a viral sensation. That’s what my research is for.

I’m a blogger, but my work shines brightest when I put my research cap on. At the start of my journey, I loved reading stories about growth from struggle, rise from failure, and the intriguing “Rags to Riches” stories were my favorite.

That’s around when I started to realize a real strength I had—content creation. I published massive list articles on my blog. I started my own digital marketing agency. I mastered UI/UX and frontend development.


Research + Design = Content

During college, I stayed up nights to create content for my growing follower base.

The content I made varied based on platforms and niches. I started with my blog, SiliconValleyBread.com, where I wrote blog posts about business ideas, software reviews, and digital marketing strategies. Then, I connected my ideas to my resource hub website—the place where I post free guides and blogging tutorials.

Along the way, I toyed around with different concepts based on my interests. I started a sports media page to fuel my basketball obsession. I designed a party subscription box eCommerce site just to see if I could.

<—This is a book I published on Amazon too.

Of course, being a content creator goes beyond designing and writing content for websites. In order to be a successful one, you have to get people to engage with your content too.

That means researching and applying different tests to numerous channels. It requires design, redesign, and evaluation.


My Work at Oneboard.live

I got on the founding team of Oneboard Inc. as a Chief Marketing Officer at age 19.

Oneboard is an online whiteboard platform for educators, students, and collaborative teams. I took it as a foundation for my career as a content creator.

I designed the landing page by scratch with the tools and skills I picked up as a freelance web designer. After building a team around the platform, I worked to grow an audience of over 50,000 active users/month.

Then, I quit.

I quit to start Content Creator Institute—a resource hub for creators of all kinds to flourish and succeed. Here, my goal is to help propel new businesses and ideas to new heights, so they can become discovered and loved too.


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